Conflicts in relationship

Conflicts teach us how to manage uptight situations, how to handle high level of stress, how to sort out problems. Conflicts in relationships should be handled in calm way. It is never easy to tell the partner truth we know they will not like, or to come with unpleasant topics we know the conflict will be caused. And that is, when we should be very calm and mindful. We shouldn´t want to hurt anyone and we should be constructive with any criticism. Sometimes we just can´t control it, and the situation escalate into a fight. What to do to overcome fight?


Time off – sometimes it is best to take some time off. Go for a walk, go to see your friend, your family, but take a time to cool things down and think of them later. When you are in the middle of fight, or right after, you might not act reasonably.

Write it down – write down what happened and think of it again. Try to look at the fight from your partner´s perspective and most importantly – try to understand them. You might find some interesting outcome of it and even apologize.


Make it up – the best way, how to make up for a conflict you know you caused, is to say you are sorry. Sometimes the apology can be very difficult thing to do and not every time our partners are going to take it. Because if you hurt someone, the apology is simply not enough. The important part is, that you will not start blame your partner for the mistakes. Because this is really cheeky thing to do. Especially If you know, you were wrong. If your partner does not take the apology, give them more time and try again. Very often not saying apology work but acting apologetically does. Erotic massage prague will help your partner to relax and forgive you. An amazing way, how to experience something new, erotic and at the same time very sensitive, will show your partner, that you really care about them.

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